The argument that the 2nd Amendment was simply stating that military have a right to bear arms is a fallacy.
There is no amendment in the Bill of Rights that enumerates rights of the government. The first 10 amendments are meant to limit the power that the government has over people’s natural rights. This has been reinforced by D.C. V Heller a monumental ruling by the Supreme Court.
This argument also implies that the military could not access arms without this Amendment. Most countries have military that use arms and have no amendment stating they are allowed to have arms.
Ours is the only country that explicitly states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” What it does not say is {the right of the military/army/ or even militiamen}
This Amendment was created to ENSURE that THE PEOPLE could create militias wherever necessary to protect from foreign or domestic threats. After all, the definition of a militia and military are very different and a militia isn’t necessarily controlled by the state and is sometimes in opposition of the state in which it presides.

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